Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions

This Agreement shall be between you the “Customer” and Sunshine Baby Beach Rentals INC. the “Company”

Sunshine Baby Beach Rentals INC. require all visitors to this site to agree to these terms and conditions.  By signing terms and conditions when submitting your reservation, you are accepting and agree to this rental agreement. If you do not agree, you should not use this site.

Customer acknowledges that they are at least 18 years of age.

All information and prices on this website are subject to change without notice.

Customer agrees that they have read and agree with the Rental Policies.


Orders may be placed online, through Skype, or phone.

  • Minimum order is $50.00 (Fifty Dollars) without delivery fee and a minimum one week's (seven nights) rental per item applies to all rental orders. Additional day charges apply for rentals.In addition, there is a small delivery charge $25.00(Twenty Five Dollars) + In the State of Florida, a 7% sales tax applies to all orders, including delivery charges  to Pinellas County, with some exceptions to Hillsborough County with additional delivery charge. Sunshine Baby Beach Rentals Inc. offers delivery only, customer pick up is not available.  For additional charges that may be incurred, please read this document in its entirety. Card will be charged within 48 hours, or two business days, of the rental date.

  • If additional items are needed, orders may be placed within 24 hours of reservation date. All major credit cards will be accepted; however, money orders and personal checks will not be accepted. Orders for evenings will be accepted upon request, and late deliveries may occur due to inclement weather or traffic on the day of delivery.

  • Cancelations must be placed within 48 hours within date of rental or additional $25.00 (Twenty Five Dollars) fee will be charged from full refund. Cancellations will not be accepted by email. All cancellations must be received by phone call to Sunshine Baby and Beach Rentals Inc., If customer fails to cancel order, the full price of rental will be charged as the equipment could have been rented to another customer.


    • While installation of car seats is not available, instruction booklets will be provided to customers. If you are unsure if your car seat is installed properly, you can stop by any Fire or Police station and they will be happy to help you make sure your car seat is properly installed.

  • All equipment aside from car seats can be set up.


All rented Equipment will not be delivered to airport.

Delivery prior to your arrival is usually between the standard check-out time of 10 a.m. and the standard 4 p.m. check-in time.

Access to unit must be available to persons delivering equipment. If for some reason access to the resort, condominium, hotel room and etc. Is not available it is the customer’s responsibility to contact Sunshine Baby Beach Rentals Inc. immediately to ascertain the placement location. All rented items must be returned by 10 a.m. on the check-out date stated on the rental order form. Items not returned by 10 a.m. will result in a fee charged to Customer’s credit card for an additional day’s rental.

It is possible to make special arrangements for pick-up and delivery outside the times listed above and arrangements must be made in advance and are subject to availability.


    • If mild damage, due to use, occurs during the time of the rental there will be no full charge for the amount of the equipment cost. However, damage due to misuse or carelessness of the equipment will be subject to charge. If equipment is not available, a refund of a percentage of that portion of the rental will be made. If rented items are damaged, there is the Customer’s responsibility to contact Sunshine Baby Beach Rentals Inc. immediately and notified about any broken, damaged or not working items and ask about replacement or exchange.. If available a replacement item will be made, however, the company is not responsible for ensuring this availability or damages that occur due to use of damaged equipment.

    • The Customer agrees that any and all damages, loss or theft to the equipment rented will be reported to company, immediately. If rented items are damaged, stolen or not returned (including car seat instruction booklets) , a pro-rated amount for the theft, loss or damage up to and including replacement costs will be charged from customer’s credit card.

  • All products are safety checked and sanitized with hypoallergenic sanitizing products. All items are stored in climate controlled environments. The Customer agrees that in the items rented require excessive cleaning and sanitizing (such as smoke, mildew, vomit, gum, etc.) customer’s credit card will be charged $25.00 (Twenty Five Dollars) per item.


Sunshine Baby Beach Rentals Inc. and its employees, owners and affiliates will not be responsible for accidents, injuries or damages caused directly or indirectly by the use or misuse of the rental equipment. If child is injured in any way during use of rental equipment the rental company will not be held liable. It is the caretaker’s full responsibility to satisfy age requirements and monitoring while using the rented equipment. Notification of child’s age will facilitate the accurate placement of toy rental. It is the Customer’s responsibility to use the equipment properly and for the purpose it was designed for. The Customer agrees and understands that Sunshine Baby Beach Rentals Inc. is not responsible for injuries caused by misuse of equipment (including car seats and injuries caused by car accidents) or equipment assembled or disassembled by the Customer or portable equipment that requires folding and unfolding by Customer. Customer is responsible for becoming familiar with the use of the equipment before using. Upon request, we will provide the customer a quick reference guide or instruction manual.

If further instruction is needed, Customer should contact us at ………….

The Customer and any user agrees to hold harmless Sunshine baby and beach Rentals Inc. and its employees, owner and affiliates, from any liability, injury, death, property loss or damage which may result directly or indirectly from the use of the rental equipment.

The customer hereby acknowledges that the equipment shall be for personal use only. Picture seen on website are for illustrative purposes only and will not be assured available, however with specifications and allotted time accommodations will be made. If specific kinds or types of items are required, it is the customer’s responsibility to relay this information to Sunshine Baby Beach Rentals Inc. at the time the customer places their rental order. . The highest rated and most popular brands of equipment will be provided, however specific brand types cannot be confirmed. Sunshine Baby Beach Rentals Inc. does not promise that it can fulfill special item requests, but will make a reasonable effort to do it.

For the security and privacy of our customers, Sunshine Baby Beach Rentals Inc. does not sell, trade, exchange, or offer your personal contact information including email address to any outside party except where required by law. Nor do we use your information for any advertising or marketing purposes. All submitted contact, personal, and financial data is kept completely confidential and secure at all times.

Florida’s hurricane season extends from June 1 through November 30, annually. If a hurricane/tropical storm or the threat of either making landfall is imminent, the customer understands that Sunshine Baby Beach Rentals Inc. cannot make deliveries to areas that have been issued mandatory evacuation orders. Additionally, if a trip or order is cancelled due to inclement weather no additional charges will be ensued

*All items have met recall state requirements.